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Regional Representatives

Regional representatives have the following responsibilities as voting members of the Executive Council:

    • To maintain liaison between their constituents and the Executive Council;
    • To keep communication channels open between the Executive Council and their constituent members in order to fully represent school psychologists in their region;
    • To use appropriate means to do so, such as meetings in their respective regions or group meetings at the Society’s conference.
    • Actively recruit new members in their respective region.

      Click her to find out which region you are in: CSSP REGIONAL GROUPS

    Current regional representatives:

    Eastern Plains Cindy Grubbs cgrubbs@neboces.com
    Western Region BeBe Konikowski bkonikowski@sjboces.org
    Metro Anita Curtiss anita_curtiss@dpsk12.org
    Northern Region Melanie Potyondy


    Pikes Peak Corrina Neugebauer corrinafneugebauer@gmail.com
    Southern Region

    Patrick Callahan


    NASP Delegate Julie Bolding julie.cssp@gmail.com
    Early Career Annie Behrent abehrent@gmail.com

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