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Regional Representatives

Regional representatives have the following responsibilities as voting members of the Executive Council:

    • To maintain liaison between their constituents and the Executive Council;
    • To keep communication channels open between the Executive Council and their constituent members in order to fully represent school psychologists in their region;
    • To use appropriate means to do so, such as meetings in their respective regions or group meetings at the Society’s conference.
    • Actively recruit new members in their respective region.

      Click her to find out which region you are in: CSSP Regional Map with District List.pdf

    Current regional representatives:

    Eastern Plains Cindy Grubbs
    Western Region BeBe Konikowski
    Metro Anita Curtiss
    Northern Region Meg Griffin

    Pikes Peak Corrina Neugebauer
    Southern Region

    Sarah Gears

    NASP Delegate Julie Bolding
    Early Career Annie Behrent

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