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Executive Council

The Executive Council is made up of all currently Elected Officers, the Regional Representatives, the Colorado Delegate to NASP, and the Student/New Practitioner Representative and Program Managers.

Purpose: The Executive Council of Directors shall assume responsibility for the business of the organization to be conducted according the Bylaws and policies and procedures of the Society.

Structure: The organizational structure of the Executive Council shall conform to the Bylaws of the Society.

Contracts: Contract signing authorization shall be the responsibility of the Executive Officers of the Council and specific committee chairpersons as pertains to the activities of each committee.  Each contract must be reviewed by the Executive Officers before a commitment is made on behalf of the Society.

Meetings: Meetings of the Executive Council shall be called in accordance with the policies of the Society.  The president may call meetings of the Executive Officers as needed to conduct the business of the Society.

Parliamentarian: The President may appoint a Parliamentarian to assist with monitoring the Rules of Order of Executive Council Meetings. All Executive Council members are expected to:

  • Attend four executive council meetings per year to include the Spring Retreat.
  • Attend any additional called meetings whether a physical meeting or other (i.e. telephone conference call, chat room, on-line discussion, etc.).
  • Check email regularly and correspond in a timely fashion.
  • Report any address, telephone, work or email changes promptly to the President and/or Technology Chairperson.
  • Demonstrate leadership in the implementation of new initiatives in school psychology professional development.
  • At the spring retreat, identify short-term objectives that support the annual goals of the organization.
  • Construct an annual budget outlining funds necessary to accomplish the annual goals of the organization.
  • At the spring leadership retreat, complete an “evaluation of progress” toward identified objectives that were related to the annual goals of the organization from the previous year.

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